Digital work is the future. That’s why I took two major digital courses while earning my degree: Digital Marketing and Digital Skills. I was also a speaker at Write On Con 2019 where I participated in two video talks, both provided here. I run a Bookstagram account and I’ve also run my own YouTube channel.


Coded Website

For my Digital Skills course, I coded my own poem. I wrote the poem and recorded myself reading it. Click on the image below to be directed to the website. To view the HTML and CSS, right click and “View Page Source.”


Books for Millennials

For my final portfolio piece in my Digital Skills course, I created a website on WordPress. The project was inspired by my final thesis, which asked, “Why do adults read young adult books?” I created a survey that 2,139 readers responded to.

My findings inspired me to create a website based on the gap I found in the market. Adults, and specifically millennial women, read a lot of YA because it’s relatable. I made this website to help people find those kinds of books.


Write On Con Videos

I was a speaker at the 2019 Write on Con’s online conference. I recorded a video discussing the “slush pile” myths and truths. The link is here to watch the video on Write On Con’s website, but be aware that it’s restricted to members. If the video below isn’t working, please click the button below to gain access to the video.


Write On Con Panel: Finding Inspiration

For Wrote On Con, I participated in a panel with three other writers and industry professionals to talk about how we find inspiration.



I run a Bookstagram account, where I post pictures of books and connect with the bookish community.


YouTube Channel

I ran my own “BookTube” channel for about a year. I used it as a way to find bookish friends. I ultimately stopped uploading videos when I started graduate school to focus on my studies.