Marketing & Publicity

At Portland State University, I fell in love with marketing. I wanted to help people find the books they love, and help tell a story about each book. I served as a member of the Outreach and Project Development team which puts on an annual conference. I also wrote several marketing plans, tip sheets, and marketing-focused research papers.

I’m a believer in well-researched marketing that’s focused on stories, communities, and making genuine connections.

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Marketing Plans


Front List Marketing Plan Snow Globe

I created a marketing plan for a live manuscript in my Young Adult and Middle Grade Fiction course. Titled Snow Globe, this book is a middle-grade historical fiction novel.


Front List Marketing Plan The Only True Biography of Benjamin Franklin

I created a marketing plan for my Book Marketing course. This book is a historical fiction novel from the perspective of a cat.


Strategy Document for Backlist Marketing Elements of Evil

In my Book Marketing course, we wrote backlist campaigns. This is for a book titled Elements of Evil.


Tip Sheets


Tip Sheet for The Last Namsara

For Book Marketing, I created a tip sheet—marketing copy that goes to booksellers, etc. This tip sheet is for one of my favorite books.


Tip Sheet for The Hired Girl

This is my second tip sheet for Book Marketing. This is for The Hired Girl.


Market Research


Digital Marketing: Book Subscription Boxes

I wrote this piece for my digital marketing course. The research question is: what can the phenomenon of book subscription boxes tell us about young adult digital marketing, consumer preferences, and online communities—and what can we learn for the future?


Book Marketing: “BookTube” and Marketing YA

This is a paper written for my book marketing class. I researched “BookTube” and how it’s changed marketing for young adult titles.


Industry Report: Rebranding the Portland Book Festival

For my research course, I worked with a small team to analyze survey data collected for Literary Arts. We wrote a report for Literary Arts analyzing the data and giving recommendations.


Social Media


Pride Month June 2019

In June 2019, Ooligan Press did a small online campaign to talk about LGBTQIA+ and allyship. I created this particular social media post for the campaign. I took the image and wrote the copy.

Ocean in My Ears Media Campaign

This is an image I took for the media marketing for Ooligan Press. We worked on a media campaign for Portland Book Festival to increase attendance to our booth.

Monica Hay
Screen Shot 2019-04-19 at 4.51.56 PM.png

Independent Bookstore Day 2018

During my time at Ooligan Press, I wrote social media posts. In this example, I wrote a shoutout to Independent Bookstores for Independent Bookstore day in April.


Publicity and Design


Magazine Layout: The Power of Young Adult Authors

I created a magazine spread that highlighted young adult authors. The assignment was focused on the layout rather than text, so this piece is focused on images and design, and does not have a related article.


Write to Publish 2019 Designs

I compiled the designs for Write to Publish 2019 the door signs. I used existing designs and organized each poster with panel topics and panelist names.


Poster Design

I created this poster in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe InDesign for my Book Design Software course.