Writing & Editing

Below, you’ll find examples of my writing and editing. My master’s thesis is provided, along with other pieces written while earning my M.S. To jump to Ooligan Press Editorial and Editing, click each section below.


Master’s Thesis: Why do adults read young adult books?

Perhaps the piece of writing I’m most proud of is my Master’s thesis. For my thesis, I created a survey that received 2,139 respondents. I also interviewed several publishing professionals.

The thesis has been published through PDXScholar, the online research library at Portland State University.


Book Publishing: Are Women Being Relegated to YA?

This is a paper I wrote for my Introduction to Book Publishing course. My topic: Are Women Writers Being Pushed Into YA? A Look at the YA Genres, Sexism, and YA’s Success.


Final Design Project—Personal Writing

For my final design project, I created a magazine of my nonfiction writing.


Audiobook Recommendations

Published here.

I wrote several blog posts for Ooligan press that were published on their website. This post talks about one of my favorite things—audiobooks! Link is above.

Tips for Making an Event Successful

Published here.

This post discusses events. As a member of the outreach and project development team at Ooligan Press, I worked on planning their 2019 conference. This post talks about what goes into successful events.


Authors to Read If You Love YA & MG Fiction

Published here.

As a fan of YA and MG fiction, I had a lot of fun talking about Oregon authors.


Finding Your Voice on BookTube

Published here.

I used to run a BookTube channel, and this blog outlines ways to make your channel shine.

Ooligan Press Editorial

Below are books I worked on that were published by Ooligan Press. I copyedited 100 pages of Breaking Cadence and edited 40 pages of the Cataclysms on the Columbia ebook. I helped code the Widmer Way ebook. I helped write the pitch letter for Odsburg that was presented to the press in Spring 2018.


Audiobook Edits Breaking Cadence

Ooligan Press created their first audiobook and I had the pleasure of editing several chapters of the audio against the written manuscript. I’m highly interested in audiobooks and enjoyed listening and providing my notes.

Ebook Proofread Cataclysms on the Columbia

I provided a proofread for an Ooligan Press ebook. I compared the ebook version to the text version and gave feedback regarding issues I found.



In my editing course at Portland State, I wrote several editorial pieces for live manuscripts. Below are links to my editorial work.